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Year 1 & 2 Assessment

Each half term the class teacher will assess the children against the end of year Age Related Expectations (ARE) using Target Tracker, Children's performance in class, and the children's workbooks will be used to inform their judgements.   Target Tracker is used by 1 in 4 schools in England, giving a wealth of data to support teacher judgements.


The posters below are the age related expectations that are used.


Every full term, the children are assessed in reading and maths using a standardised assessment (test paper).  This will be done at the children's pace and usually in a small group.  This will assess the children against a nationally standardised score, and is used to help triangulate our judgements.


Children are regularly assessed in their phonics using the Government phonics check materials.


At the end of the year, Year 2 children are assessed by their teacher against the Age Related Expectations for the Key Stage. The children will take optional SATS papers in May to help the teachers assess the children.  Even though these SATS are optional from 2024 onwards we will use them as they will provide helpful information to the teachers.