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Chestnut Class (Yr 2) - Mrs Mustoe

Spring 2- Tylers Green Time Travel


Welcome back to a new term! Our topic this term focuses on the history of Tylers Green- we will learn how the village has changed over the centuries and how it has contributed to local and national life, putting all the information we have discovered in non-fiction booklets. We will learn about the tilers of Tylers Green and have a go at designing and making our own tiles. We will also be learning about Enid Blyton who lived in Beaconsfield and reading her book The Faraway Tree- we will then be making our own Faraway Trees in Art, as well as designing our own lands that might be at the top! Our RE topic will focus on places of worship and we will be making a trip to Holy Trinity Church to see how the church works with the local community and has done through the decades. (More details to follow!) In Science we will be growing bulbs and learning about different plants. Our Music and computing topics are one and the same as we will be creating music digitally! It promises to be a jam packed and fun term- look out for pictures of our learning here! 

Maths Investigating! 

Our new topic is properties of shapes! We have been doing lots of practical investigating this week, revising the names of shapes we know and learning the names of ones we don't! We have learned about dodecagons (12 sides), hendecagons (11 sides), tetrahedrons and octahedrons! We are learning that 2D shapes can be regular and irregular- any shape with 6 sides is a hexagon! We tried making both 2D and 3D shapes to learn how many sides or faces they have and what 2D shapes are on the faces of 3D shapes! 

Spring Term January 2022!


Happy New Year and welcome back to Chestnut Class! Everybody has come back ready to work and the children are excited about our new topic- Nurturing Nurses! This is a primarily History based topic where we will be learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and discover why they are such significant figures. We will find out about their lives, why they stood out during their time and think about the changes they implemented to nursing and how they are still in use today. 


As we like to work in a cross curricular way as many of our other topics as possible will be linked to Nurturing Nurses. In our English lessons we will be writing biographies of the nurses, which we will then transfer to a Powerpoint as we learn how to make and animate these in our Computing lessons. We will also write letters from the nurses to their families back home, describing what they are witnessing and doing about it. We will also be looking at Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine and Allan Ahlberg's Happy Familes series to write instructions and stories. Our Science Topic this term is learning about the human body and how to look after it effectively. We will be looking at healthy eating, hygiene and exercise and also what our bodies contain. We will be writing our own non-fiction books explaining just how amazing our bodies are! 


We will be drawing portraits of the nurses in our Art lessons and will also be doing a lot of DT this term. We will be designing and making ambulances (Thank you again for the shoe boxes!) and also designing and making a healthy fruit and yoghurt parfait. Look out later in the term for some pictures of us in action! 


Our Maths topics this half term are Multiplication and Division and Statistics where the children will be learning how to make tally charts and pictograms- they will be amazed to learn it was Florence Nightingale who invented statistics! Our PE lessons this term will be gymnastics and also cricket (led by Coach Mike). Our PE slot has changed slightly so we will be doing PE on a Wednesday pm with Coach Mustoe and Thursday afternoon with Coach Mike! 


In other lessons we will also in our computing lessons be looking at Coding and in our RE lessons we will be looking at the Special Books used by different religions and learning how to care for and look after these respectfully. 


It's going to be a very fun but busy term!! Please keep reminding your children to change their reading books as often as possible- I have seen a real improvement since coming back in the fluency of lots of the children which is fantastic! Spellings will be given out on Friday and tested the following Friday so please keep practising these too- 5 minutes a day really helps to get the spellings into the children's long term memories! Library will continue to be a Thursday so books need to be brought back on this day if the children want to swap their books. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask or email the office


Thank you! Mrs Mustoe

Great Fire of London Work


We have been architects like Sir Christopher Wren and made buildings, as well as sketching St Pauls Cathedral! We have also started our Great Fire of London glass jars....

Autumn 2- The Great Fire of London


This term our topic is a history focused one based on The Great Fire of London in 1666. We will learn about how the fire started and how it spread, how it affected London and also the changes it brought about. We will be looking at different materials in our Science topic and consider how the building materials used helped the fire spread. We will also be thinking about how the uniform of firefighters today help to protect them. We have already sketched some wonderful pictures of London landmarks-we will also be making some Great Fire jars and also designing our own water squirter to help put the fire out. We will learn about significant individuals such as Samuel Pepys and Charles II and how they were affected by the fire. During our English sessions we will be looking at newspapers, diaries, poetry and stories- all linked to the Great Fire. Music, drama and dance will also be topic based. We are really looking forward to our workshop on the Great Fire which should really help bring all the children's learning to life! 

Our Maths topics this term are Addition and Subtraction and Money. 

I will put some pictures up of our exciting learning later on in the term! 

Space Art- Earth and the Moon using oil pastels and chalks.....

Space DT- we designed and made vehicles that could take us to space and explore new planets!

We had an out of this world experience with our space VR workshop!!

                                                                           Autumn 2021

 Welcome to a new Year in Chestnut Class!  I am very excited and happy to start with this class- we have had a super first day and they are all ready to work hard and have an exciting and fun term! 


Our topic this term is "Earth and Beyond". We will be learning about the Space Race and the significant individuals who helped make space travel a reality and those who experienced it. We will also be learning about the planets themselves. Through this topic in English we will be writing biographies of these individuals, non fiction booklets about the planets and we will also be looking at 3 texts by Oliver Jeffers which focus on The Earth and Space. In our Art and DT work we will be doing Planet Art, designing Mars Rovers and making alien spaceships! Our Computing work this term will focus first on e-safety then we will be looking at and exploring Google Earth and the ESA websites. Our Science topic is back on Earth where we will be looking at habitats and food chains of different animals. Please see the below link 'Year 2' for our full curriculum overview of the year. 


We will be sending reading books and spellings home in the next few weeks once we have worked out exactly what each child needs. Bug club books and phonics games will also be set. Your Numbots log ins and passwords are still the same so you can continue with this straight away. 


PE days- Chestnut PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. 


Any questions please just ask or email via the office! 


Mrs Mustoe