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Time off School/ Absence

Our policy on School Attendance

Children should have 95% attendance or above - if attendance drops below this then their education may suffer, and they may find it more difficult to make lasting friendships.


If your child has 95% attendance they have missed ten whole school days. That's two weeks, ten phonics sessions, ten maths lessons and two weeks of a 6 week topic.  It's also 30 playtimes with their friends.


If your child has 90% attendance they have missed twenty whole school days - or four weeks of school, 20 phonics lessons, 20 maths lessons and about 60 playtimes with their friends.

Lost days do make a difference - one or two odd days off add up over a school year.


Mrs Talbot checks the registers regularly and may send you a letter or ask to see you if your child's attendance drops below 95%.  This is to see how we can help make sure your child gets the very best out of their time in school.


Every week in assembly the class with the best attendance gets a bear to keep in the classroom.  This is a huge motivator for the children - ask your child when their class last had the bear!



Parents/Carers are asked to notify the School Office by 9.30am by telephone or email on the first day of absence with the reason your child is off. 

Leave of Absence
The law regarding Leave of Absence in term time has recently changed.  Leave of absence for family holiday can no longer be granted during term time.  Leave of Absence can only be granted if there is an exceptional circumstance such as death in the family or critical illness.  The Headteacher now determines the number of school days for which a child can be absent should the leave be granted.  If parents take children out of school without the schools consent i.e. for a family holiday the absence will appear as unauthorised both for the school and on the child’s attendance record.  Parents can be fined for taking children out of school for a family holiday during term time without consent from the school.  If you are unsure about any other request other than holiday being considered as an exceptional circumstance please do come and speak to Mrs Talbot.