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Filtering and Monitoring

Online Safety Statement

Our IT system is supported by JSL Connect, and this meets the DfE Standard for Filtering and Monitoring.

 The Filtering and monitoring system used is Netsweeper.


 Who is responsible for the filtering and monitoring?
Filtering - JSL
Monitoring - Shared Responsibility ( School & JSL )

Who checks and responds to any attempted breaches of the filtering systems?
Shared Responsibility ( School & JSL )

How frequently is this done?
As and when breaches reported / Action taken

How is this recorded?
Website Access of users groups which is linked to access policy is logged in the Filtering Servers.

Who decides what is inappropriate and harmful content?

Automatic Categorisation is done by the filtering system as per the Content filtering Standards.

 Who checks the filtering systems are up to date and monitoring for appropriate words?
The filtering systems linked to the Cloud Web Servers of the Vendors in Realtime to check the content accessed. The Cloud Web Servers remain up to date with classifications of the contents.


Information about our filtering system - Netsweeper