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Willow Class (Reception) - Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Busler

Graduates of Willow class 2021

Congratulations to Willow class for reaching the end of your first year in school.  You've all worked so hard and have learned and changed so much over the last year.  You, and your parents, should be very proud of everything that you've achieved.  Have a fantastic summer holiday.  We're looking forward to seeing you all in Year 1 in September.  

Summer term 2021

Welcome to the summer term.  This is a very busy term for all of us as we prepare for the transition to Year 1.  The children have already made a lot of progress since lockdown ended and we are looking forward to seeing them continue to flourish this term.

We will be exploring the children’s interests this term, starting with dinosaurs, imaginary worlds and space for the first half term.  Our curriculum overview can be found below.  Please note that, as we are led by the children’s interests, our plans may change. 

The weather is still quite changeable so please make sure that your child has a coat in school at all times.  Our outdoor areas, particularly the woodland, are shaded for much of the day and are significantly cooler than the playground.  Children are often cold in the woodland well into the summer term. 
On sunny days children also need a sun hat. Please apply sun cream to your child before they come to school. Do not send sun cream into school as we are not permitted to apply it to your child. If your child still has snow boots in school you may want to swap these for wellies now.   Please ensure that all of your child's clothing is NAMED.

Please do come and speak to your child's class teacher if you have and questions or queries. We are looking forward to an exciting term working with your children.




Curriculum Overview Summer 2021 (first half term)


19th April


26th April


3rd May

Imaginary Worlds

10th May

Imaginary Worlds

17th May


24th May



Read Dinosaur information books

Write dinosaur facts to make a class book over the week. 


Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs

Make a list of dinosaurs in Harry’s bucket.

How to Grow a Dinosaur.

Write instructions to grow a dinosaur. 

Julia Donaldson - Zog

Write instructions to teach Zog to fly. 

The Singing Mermaid

Write an escape plan for the mermaid. 

Read ‘Hope the Rainbow Fairy’.

Write messages to Hope (tiny writing)

Read ‘How to Look After Your Unicorn’

Write instructions for looking after your own mythical creature. 

Bob the man on the moon/

Make a list of jobs for Bob

Bob & the Moontree Mystery

Describe a Moontree.   

Non- fiction space books




Tricky words: all, was


Tricky words: all, was



Revise phase 3 sounds & tricky words

Revise phase 3 sounds & tricky words



Square club




Ride the rays – problem solving



Revisit numbers 11-20

Creative/ Understanding of the World

Dinosaur bone picture

Music –

Make dinosaur fossils (salt dough & dinosaur bones)

Dinosaur poo investigation

Frozen dinosaur eggs – investigate ways to get the baby dinosaurs out. 

Fantasy pictures using natural materials/ petals? Take pictures

Rainbow art

Floating & sinking Make a fairy garden/wizard home

Make their own planet? Marble planets

Learn about what it’s like to be an astronaut Make a space rocket


Sammy Squirrel & his rolling nuts – ball skills

Ringo to the Rescue – agility with a ball

Clowning around – coordination ball skills


Following on from last term with

Beebots programming.

Continue to have some on beebots on carpets.

Look at espresso and Dinosaurs. Go to the activities and have a go at the different dinosaur activities. Can they label the dinosaur.

Recap of internet safety with Smartie the Penguin

Double clicking to open a programme or website. Look at espresso and Phonics play games.

How to play a video on a website – play, back, repeat etc. 

Go to espresso and look at the Space videos.

Espresso – how to use the search bar to find videos

Use the search bar to find more of the Space videos.

Personal, Social, Emotional Development


Jigsaw- Relationships-

Know how to make friends- My family and Me



Try to solve friendship problems when they occur –Make friends, make friends, never ever break friends part 1



Help others feel part of a group - Make friends, make friends, never ever break friends part 2

Show respect in how they treat others – Falling out and Bullying Part 1

Know how to help themselves and others when they feel upset and hurt- Falling out and Bullying part 2



Knowing and showing what makes a good relationship -  Being the best friend we can be


Weekly newsletters

We will upload a new newsletter each Friday with a recap of the week and highlights of the week ahead.  

Home Learning Newsletter (January 2021)

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