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13th - 17th July 

This week we are 'Under the Sea' (perfect for the last full week of school).  Don't forget your suncream and hats when you're in school this week.  


6th - 10th July 

This week our topic is space.  What do you think it's like in space?  What do you know about our solar system?  What might life be like on another planet?  

This week would also have been County Induction Day when the children would get the opportunity to meet their new teachers and find out what Year 1 will be like.  We will be talking about Year 1 in school and thinking about what will be different and the same next year.  We would like the children to do an additional piece of writing this week - a letter to their new teacher.  You will find more information about this further down this page.  

Have a great week exploring space!

29th June - 3rd July

Ahoy mateys.  This week we be havin' a pirate week in school.  We be wearin' pirate clothes 'n doin' lots o' fun pirate activities.  If ye're nah at school, ye can still dress up in yer pirate clothes.  We would love t' see pictures on our school blog.  
'Ave a great week me hearties!  



22nd - 26th June

This week we are learning about dinosaurs.  What is your favourite type of dinosaur?  What did it look like?  What did it eat?  Did you know that some dinosaurs could fly?  

You will find below 3 days of home learning plans and the 2 days of plans that we will be following in school.  If you are coming to school for 2 days please follow the 3 days of home learning plans on the days that you are not in school.  If you are not back at school with us yet, please also follow the 2 days of plans that we are following at school. 

We hope you enjoy learning about dinosaurs.  Don't forget to post on the blog if you find anything interesting.  


15th - 19th June

This week we are learning about animals from Asia.  The continent of Asia includes countries such as India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Phillipines, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia and many more.  Do any of your families come from any of these countries?  Can you find Asia on a map?  Animals from this continent are diverse and include tigers, elephants, rhinos, giant pandas, pangolins, leopards and many many more. 

It has been lovely seeing some of you in school over the last couple of weeks.  We're still missing those of you that we can't see yet and would love to see what you're getting up to on our school blog.  Please put any interesting facts that you find about Asian animals on our blog so we can all share.  We hope you enjoy learning about Asian animals.  

8th - 12th June

This week we are learning about animals from Australasia.  Australasia is a continent made up of Australia, New Zealand and their neighbouring islands including Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Tonga amongst others.  There are lots of different animals living in Australasia including kangaroos, koalas, wombats and lots of snakes and spiders.  Can you find Australasia on a map?  How many countries are in Australasia?  

Please see below for this weeks suggested activities.  As always, don't feel that you have to stick rigidly to our suggestions.  If your child is getting bored of learning about animals and they love Transformers you could make a list of Transformers rather than a list of Australasian animals.  We would usually be asking the children what they want to learn about and we would adapt our plans accordingly.  You are very welcome to do the same at home.  

Also, please don't expect your child to sit still and concentrate to do all of these activities in one go.  We would only be expecting them to work with us for 10-15 minutes at this stage although some children will be able to focus for longer.  Do one activity at a time, giving your child time to play and explore their own interests in between.  It is important for children of this age to take what they have learned from us and use it in a play-based way to fully understand what they have learned.  

Please complete the home learning activities on the days that your child is not in school this week.  If your child is not yet joining us at school, you should also complete the school day activities.  

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We are always happy to help. 

Have a great week!


1st - 5th June

Some of you will be returning to school this week – we’re really looking forward to seeing you again.  We’ve missed you all so much.  As some of you will be continuing with home schooling and some will be returning for 2 days a week we are changing the format of our plans for this half term.  Each week we will put 3 days of home learning plans on the website.  These will be in the usual format.  In addition, for those who are continuing with full time home schooling, we will put the plans on the website for the activities that we will be doing with those children who are returning for 2 days.  If you have any questions, please give us a call or email.