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Anti-Bullying information


Although bullying does not happen often at this school, it might happen.  This page will give you information to help identify if it is bullying, what we do to prevent this happening and how to report your concerns.


Our behaviour policy  and safeguarding curriculum (below) set out in detail how we teach our children the expected behaviours and to keep themselves safe.

Our PSHE curriculum teaches children about bullying, friendships and keeping themselves safe in every year group.


When is it bullying?


Children can often fall out and sometimes say or do things that upset someone.  This is not always bullying.  


Bullying is intentionally hurting, frightening or upsetting someone else, repeatedly.  In other words bullying is  when something happens several times on purpose.

Bullying can happen in school, outside of school and online, and can be by one person or a group of people.  


If you think your child is being bullied please report this to the Headteacher directly or by sending an email to  All reports of bullying will be taken seriously and investigated.

What should I say to my child?



Tell a grown up in school.

Ask your teacher to find you a different friend to play with.

Remember it is not your fault.

Tell them to STOP.

Ask them to go away - or walk away and play with someone else.



Hit or fight back

Hide it 


There are some links below with resources that might help you and your child.  Remember you can always come and talk to us about bullying - we will listen.