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How we use our Pupil Premium & COVID grant funding

Pupil Premium Funding 


Pupil Premium is funding from the Government to help pupils who may be disadvantaged due to economic hardship, a tricky start in life or whose parents serve in the armed forces.


There are three ways a pupil may be eligible:

  1. If your child is eligible for means-tested free school meals or has been any time since they started school.
  2. If your child has been adopted from care or is looked after by the local authority.
  3. If either parent is a member of the armed forces.


All pupils who attend Tylers Green First School are entitled to have a school meal free under the Universal Infant Free School Meal Scheme.   If you are receiving benefits such as Job Seekers or Universal Credit, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can receive funding to support your child.  Speak to Mrs Turner in the school office.


If your child was adopted from care, we appreciate that this may be a sensitive subject for your family. We ask that you make an appointment to speak to the Headteacher (Mrs Talbot) or SENCO (Ms Gregory) to discuss how to work in partnership to support your child.  All information will be treated with discretion.


Please click on the link below to see the current Pupil Premium strategy and to see how the school has used the funding to support pupils previously.