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Year 2



Good morning Year 2! Well this is a different end to the term!! Here is some learning we would like you to do today! 



We have allocated the book we looked at yesterday on Bug Club - Gross Things from your head to your toes- to everybody in Year 2. Please reread it and also have a look at the links below to other facts about your body. Then make a quiz about what you have learned this week and give it to someone in your family to have a go at! Will they know how strong stomach acid is? Or how many different types of bacteria live in our bodies?? Try and and have AT LEAST ten questions! 



We have been learning about the names of 2D and 3D shapes this week. Go on a shape hunt and write down the names of all the different shapes you can find and what they are. Count the sides, faces and vertices. What shapes are the MOST common? Are there any shapes you can't find at all? We will give a tally for anyone who can find a hendecagon or dodecagon in their houses! 



If possible please go onto Hour of Code-

Either go onto one of the games we have already tried (Minecraft, Super Mario and Dance Party) and progress from where we got to- , or try one of these that we have checked out and made sure they are safe further down- (Hello World, The Grinch Saves Christmas or Starwars: Building a Galaxy.)


Please all try and read for ten minutes a day too and practise your spellings.


We wish you all a wonderful half term and please all stay safe!! 


Mrs Mustoe and Miss Giddens xx

This week's spellings to practice over half term

Links for you to use for today's learning