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Year 2

Maths Friday 5th March- Block Diagrams- your last Maths lesson at home!

English - Friday 5th March - Have a go at the reading comprehension with a few of the last pages of The Secret Seven! Once you have done it then have a watch of the rest of the story on the video resource centre!

ICT - Friday 5th March 

Have a watch of the video on the video resource centre and then have a go at creating your own animation using the link below! Have fun! 

English - Thursday 4th March - Today's job is to use your mindmaps to write your newspaper report about the mystery! There is an example attached below and also on the video resource centre. Once you have finished that then you can choose which world book day activities you would like to complete!

Maths sheet for Wednesday- Interpreting pictograms

English - Wednesday 3rd March - Today we are going to create a mindmap for a newspaper report. Watch the video and listen to the section we are writing about then have a go at creating your own mindmap. You can use the template below if you would like to.

Science - Wednesday 3rd March - Go through the powerpoint (there is audio on there) and have a go at filling out your next observation sheet for your plant. Then have a go at labelling parts of a plant.

Maths Tuesday 2nd March- carrying on from pictograms with 2,5,10 please watch the video then complete the sheets.

Maths- please watch the video on the resource centre then the sheets are below.

English - Tuesday 2nd March - Today we will be writing a diary entry for Peter. Make sure you have watched/listened to the separate chapter 9 video before starting today's video with the chapter 10 extract in!


English - Monday 1st March - Happy Monday! Today's English you need to watch the video on the resource centre and then have a go at creating a plan of action for the Secret Seven using some bossy verbs (see word bank below)! Have fun!

Monday 1st March - After you have done today's English lesson, please go back to the resource centre and listen to Chapter 9 of the story to find out what happens next before tomorrow's English lesson! Enjoy!

Here are some ideas I have about how to look after our mental health:


- Go outside for a walk

- Splash in some puddles (with wellies on!)

- Call a friend or a family member

- Do some lego building

- Do some colouring

- Chat to your Mum or Dad

- Do some baking or cooking (Miss Giddens often bakes cakes when she wants to feel calm and happy!)

- Do some dancing


See if you can choose something to do that makes you feel calm and happy. Or can you think of your own idea? See if one of your adults or brothers and sisters would like to join in too.


See the links below for some Supermovers dances and some videos about our feelings.


For Music this week and next we would like you to work through the Rhythm lessons on Oak Academy- link below. You can do these whenever you like over the next 2 weeks- there are 6 to try and do. Have fun! 

White Rose Parent Workbooks-

White Rose have put together a series of workbooks for each block that you can use at home. I have uploaded the books covering the topics we have already done below if you would like something further to do and you want your child to revise topics. These are totally optional!! 

Some extra phase 5 phonics worksheets