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Opening Times

The school is open for 32.5 hours per week:


Gate opens: 08.35

Morning Registration: 08.40

Home Time: 15.10


Please make sure your child is in class ready to start learning at 08.40 every day.



We operate a “White Card” System.  Please complete this card when someone different to yourself is collecting your child.
Your child will not be allowed to leave the school premises with any adult not named on this card whether for a specific date or as an ‘anytime’ contact.  Should this situation occur your child will not leave the premises until a member of staff has contacted the parent to obtain permission.  Parents can ring the school to explain a late change in ‘pick-up’, when an unexpected situation arises, however this should only be in unexpected situations and not on regular basis. 

You are able to nominate a friend or other family member to ‘pick-up’ in an emergency, please have them named as an ‘anytime’ contact.
The “White Card” must always be kept in your child’s book bag.  Should you misplace your White Card, please ask at the School Office for a new card immediately.
Our aim is to keep your child safe – please help us to do so by following our agreed procedure.