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Year 2

Tylers Green First School 

Year 2 Curriculum 2021-22 


Autumn 1 

Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2 

Earth and Beyond 


Great Fire Of London 

Nurturing Nurses 


Tylers Green Time Travel 

Around the World in 6 weeks 

Monsters, Myths and Legends 

PHSE – School rules and being a community 

PHSE - Safety & working co-operatively 

PHSE – goals and working together 

PHSE – Making good decisions  

PHSE – Family and relationships 

PHSE – Changes  

English – Oliver Jeffers – how to catch a star & way back home & here we are. Newspaper articles- Moon landing.  

Tweets and emails. 

Non chronological reports- planets. 


English- Samuel Pepys (diaries), newspaper reports, information texts, poetry, recounts. 

English – Biographies, letters, information texts about nurses 


English – Secret Seven, School log books and information texts 

English- Possum Magic, Pokemon, Spider Weaver (traditional Japanese folk Tale), Travel Leaflets, Paddington Bear, T is for Taj Mahal – alphabet text, Princess and the Warrior, Recipes. 




Newspaper reports 



Phonics Phase 5-6 

Phonics Phase 6 

Phonics Phase 6 

Phonics Phase 6 

Phonics Phase 6 

Phonics Phase 6 

Maths: Place Value 

Addition and Subtraction 


Multiplication and division 

Multiplication and division 


Geometry- shape 


Length and Height 

Position and Direction 


Mass, Capacity and Temperature 

Science: Living things, habitats. 

Science - Materials 

Science- Health 


Science- Plants 


Science- Lifecycles 


Science- minibeasts 

History- Significant individuals- Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins. Changes within living memory- Tim Peake. 


History -  

significant individuals. How London has changed. 

Geog- Capital cities. 


History- Significant Individuals- Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. 


History- Significant events, people and places in Local Area. Changes within living memory.  

Geography- School and local area Mapwork 

Geography- contrast area of UK with contrasting non- European countries. 

History- Festivals 



Art- constellations, rocket artwork, 


DT- making houses 


Art- Portraits. 


Art- Tiles 


Art- Hokusai, Victor Delphin, Aboriginal Art, Hieroglyphics,  

Mandalas, Frida Kahlo. 

DT- Taco making. 

DT- designing a device to catch a mythical creature. 


ICT - Google Earth & coding 


ICT – e-safety & exploring websites 


ICT – powerpoints about nurses 


ICT - Stop motion animation 


ICT- researching on websites. 




Music - Exploring instruments and sounds. 

Music – Duration and structure of music 



Music- Performance 


R.E - Festivals & celebrations 


R.E - Food and the importance of it. 


R.E - Special books 


R.E - Local church and Easter 


R.E - Creation stories 


R.E - Pilgrimages and special journeys 


Eco – How to look after the Earth we live on.  


Eco - Sustainability of different materials. 


Eco - to solve problems.  

Eco – Growing bulbs 


Eco – Noticing in similarities and differences how we recycle etc in comparison to other countries 

Eco- caring for animals, how to protect against extinction.  

Play -  

LEGO moon vehicles 

Space Small World 



Construction- House building. 

Fire Engines. 

History off the Page- Great Fire of London.  

Play- Doctors and nurses. 


Archaeology.- what can we dig up? Fossils, dinosaurs. 

Play- Paddington, boomerangs  Pokemon 


Play- monsters, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, explorers.