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Year 1

Tylers Green First School 

Year 1 Curriculum 2021-22 

Autumn 1 

Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2 

Food Glorious Food 


Marvellous Maps 


Intrepid Explorers 

Super Scientists 





PSHE: Being Me in My World 

PSHE: Celebrating Difference 

PSHE: Dreams and Goals   

PSHE – Healthy Me 

PSHE – Relationships 

PSHE – Changing Me 

English: The Gruffalo (instead of describing parts of the Gruffalo describe parts of you!),  

Highway Rat 


How foods are made (Information Texts) 

Harvest Poems 


English: Firework Poems 

The Jolly Postman 

Information Texts 

Recounts of Journeys 

Story sequencing 

Drama (Christmas Production) 

Traditional tales & poems – Goldilocks and Jack and the Beanstalk 


Information Texts  

 Famous Explorers  



English - Interview with an alien (questions) 

 How to wash a woolly mammoth – instructions. 

 Information Texts about Scientists 

 Recounts of experiments 

Texts: ‘Beegu’, ‘Da Vinci and the Flying Boy’, ‘Camille and the Sunflowers’ 

English - Non-fiction texts about animals.  

E.g. ‘We build our homes’ – Laura Knowles 

Recount of Zoo visit 

Information text about an animal (write) 

Stories about animals (‘Click, Clack, Moo’ ‘Farmer Duck’, ‘Tiger Who Came to Tea’) 

Animal poetry 


Phonics Phase 4- 5 

Phonics Phase 5 

Phonics Phase 5 

Phonics Phase 5 

Phonics Phase 5 

Phonics Phase 5 

Maths: Place value 

Addition and Subtraction 


Maths: Addition and Subtraction 

Geometry (shape and space) 

Place Value within 20 


Addition and subtraction within 20  


Place Value (within 50) 


Measurement: Length and Height 


Measurement: Weight and volume 

Number: Multiplication and Division 


Number: Fractions 


Geometry: Position and Direction 

Number: Place value (within 100) 


Measurement: Money 


Measurement: Time 

Science: Weather / seasonal changes 

Our body & senses 

Food Investigations 

Science: Weather / seasonal changes 


Investigative Science 

Science: Weather / seasonal changes 

Materials/seasonal changes 


Science – Seasonal changes and Plants 


Science – Seasonal Changes and Animals 



History: Food History 


Geography: Key physical and human features of our local area. 

Local area drawings/sketches 

History (link to English): Sig. events and people.  

Geography: Countries of the UK 

History – Events beyond living memory – significant scientific events 


Geography – Continents 


History – David Attenborough, Charles Darwin, London Zoo 


D&T – Healthy eating – making fruit yoghurts  

 Create our own cereal 

 Food Labels 


Art: Andy Warhol – Campbells Soup 

Harvest food/fruits observational drawing linked to colour mixing. 

Art: Stamps (link to English)  


Map collages 

Christmas cards 



DT: Designing strong boats 

Drawing journeys 




Art – Georgia O’Keefe  

Computing – Rocket to the moon 


Art – patterns in animals, printing 


RE: Harvest and Food 

(Harvest Festival & Sukkot) 


RE: Winter Festivals 

(Diwali, Remembrance, Hannukah, Christmas) 


RE: Pilgrimage – Special Journeys  

(Haj, Lourds, River Ganges) 

RE: Chinese New Year/Spring Festivals 

R.E - Easter 


R.E - What a Wonderful World, Creation Stories, Stewardship 


R.E -  special books 


ICT: E Safety & Getting started 

ICT: Programming 


ICT: Algorithms 


Computing – Digital Imagery and Introduction to Data 

Music: Exploring instruments – play tuned and detuned instruments 


Music: Rhyming and Christmas songs – using voices expressively 


Music: Songs from different cultures– listen with concentration & understanding 

Music – Rhythm and pulse and playing tuned and detuned instruments 

Music – Lark Ascending Vaughan Williams 


Music – Rainforest music 


PE: Gymnastics 

PE: Throwing and Catching 

PE: Dance 

P.E - kicking and passing 

P.E  - Team games 

P.E - Team games 

Eco: Recycling 


Eco: Litter 


Eco – sustainable travel and pollution 

Eco – Growing sunflowers 


Eco – Endangered animals WWF 


Play – Role play restaurants and shops linked to food. 

 Play - Play mats with roads. Small world linked to bird’s eye view. 


Play - Arctic world small world. 


Igloo/Shelter making inside and out.  

Play - Water and messy play 

Science lab role play.  

Play: Small world 

Safari/pet shop/vets 

Play- small world zoo