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Sycamore Class (Reception) - Miss Chapman

Hello Sycamore Class!


Class Teacher - Miss Chapman

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Pitron


  • We collect reading books on a Thursday so they can quarantine over the weekend and send out new books on a Monday.
  • On sunny days children can bring a sun hat to school.
  • If it is hot please apply sun cream before your child arrives at school and do not send sun cream into school.
  • Please make sure all your child's belongings are named.
  • Even on a hot day the woods can still be quite chilly so please make sure your child has a coat every day.

Summer Term has arrived!

This term we are asking the children what topics they would like to learn about and following their interests. So far the children have chosen dinosaurs, imaginary worlds and space. For an outline of what we are up to this half term see our curriculum overview below. This is only a guide as we are following the children's interests our activities might change!



SUMMER 1 OVERVIEW 2021 Sycamore Class


19th April


26th April


3rd May

Imaginary Worlds

10th May

Imaginary Worlds

17th May


24th May



Selection of fiction books about dinosaurs.


Write what they would do if they had a pet dinosaur.

Read Dinosaur information books

Write dinosaur facts. 


Winnie the witch


Over the next two weeks create a spell book with made up spells and an explanation of what each spell does.

A selection of books with imaginary worlds characters.


Continue and finish spell book.

Whatever next


Write a list of what you need to build a rocket .

Non- fiction space books


Write a list of planets or what they would do if they went to the moon











Square club




Ride the rays – problem solving



Revisit numbers 11-20

Creative/ Understanding of the World

Dinosaur investigations in the woods

Compare the size of dinosaur feet to our feet


Make dinosaur fossils (salt dough & dinosaur bones)

Make homes in the woods for magical creatures using natural resources


Make potions which link to their spell books in literacy.


Learn about what it’s like to be an astronaut Make a space rocket (2D or 3D)

Make their own planet Marble planets



Wendy’s water ski challenge - balance

Clowning around – coordination ball skills

John and Jasmine learn to juggle – coordination with equipment


Following on from last term with

Beebots. Get the children to have a go on the programming.

Continue to have some on beebots on carpets.

Look at espresso and Dinosaurs. Go to the activities and have a go at the different dinosaur activities. Can they label the dinosaur.

Recap of internet safety with Smartie the Penguin

Double clicking to open a programme or website. Look at espresso and Phonics play games.

How to play a video on a website – play, back, repeat etc. 

Go to espresso and look at the Space videos.

Espresso – how to use the search bar to find videos

Use the search bar to find more of the Space videos.

Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Jigsaw- Relationships-

Know how to make friends- My family and Me




Try to solve friendship problems when they occur –Make friends, make friends, never ever break friends part 1



Help others feel part of a group - Make friends, make friends, never ever break friends part 2

Show respect in how they treat others – Falling out and Bullying Part 1

Know how to help themselves and others when they feel upset and hurt- Falling out and Bullying part 2



Knowing and showing what makes a good relationship -  Being the best friend we can be


Reading & Writing Parents Meeting February 2020