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Snow and Emergency Procedures

During the Autumn Term a ‘snow line’ for each class will be issued to parents.  This snow line is also a general emergency contacts list and would be used for other major emergencies associated with the school so please ensure that it is to hand even after the threat of bad weather has passed.
Whenever possible and where it is safe to do so the school will be open, although if there is a deeper fall of snow the school may have a late start in order to allow people to make their way to school slowly and carefully and to give Ms Jones and I time to clear safe pathways into school.
Should the fall of snow be too dangerous for staff and pupils to be able to travel to school the snow line procedure will be started by Mrs Dieppe.
There will be a notice to this effect on the front (home) page of the school website. If the snowfall is significant we will endeavour to make a decision the night before to help parents but if this is not possible we will make a decision as early as possible the next day.
Please ensure that you ring the next person on the snow line and if no reply, wherever possible leave a message and move to the next number on the snow line. Please continue to contact your original next link in order that they are aware of the situation.
Wherever possible we will clear one access into school for parents and pupils.
Please check the school website regularly for updates. These will also be on the Bucks County Council website but this does become very busy and impossible to access so we will endeavour to keep you up to date via our school website.

[January 2019]