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School Values

“Where children come first”


We believe that the years children spend at Tylers Green First School are important because they provide the foundation for future development in both education and in life.


While knowledge, skills and values are imparted, the essential qualities of childhood curiosity and excitement are not overlooked as they are powerful stepping stones to meaningful learning.


Our children are encouraged to achieve their full potential and experience moments of greatness or importance. We help to find and nurture this talent in every child in our school.


Our children will experience an education that is broad-based and flexible and this will enable them to meet the many new challenges and developments they will encounter in their future lives. Most important, first hand experiences will be provided wherever possible.


We will make our school a warm, caring and friendly place. It will be attractive and stimulating. We will listen to parents and work in partnership with them in their children's education.


Our children will be encouraged to recognise and accept certain principles of moral and social behaviour. They will be self-confident, self-controlled and disciplined.


At Tylers Green First School we will aim to provide:


· A happy, healthy and stimulating learning environment where each child can work to his/her full potential.

· A broad, balanced and relevant programme of learning which encourages effective communication through a full range of media. 

· A good balance between physical, academic and creative activities.

· The foundations for adult life and the world of employment by inculcating knowledge and skills which can be applied to real tasks.


We will also aim to:

· Develop the moral and spiritual growth of the child.

· Encourage self-reliance and self-discipline.

· Promote tolerance and respect of difference in race, religion and culture.

· Ensure that every member of the School community has equal opportunities.

· Accomplish high standards of achievement.

· Develop the school into a shared resource within the community.

· Foster respect for the traditions and values of all parents and support them in their aspirations for their children’s future.