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Willow Class (Reception) - Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Busler

Welcome to Willow Class
(Foundation Stage)



Welcome to the Autumn Term in Foundation Stage and welcome to all the children who are starting school for the very first time. Our topic for this term is “Ourselves” and we will be using this to find out about ourselves, each other and the Foundation Stage environment.

There are lots of exciting events happening this term including ‘First Day at School’ photo feature in the local paper, individual photos, Harvest Festival, Inspiring People themed week and an outdoor learning day where we will be working with our Year 1 & 2 buddies. Christmas festivities will include our Christmas Show, Christingle at St. Margaret’s Church and our Christmas party.

We encourage the children to be as independent as possible and we will be practicing doing things for ourselves. Parents can support this by encouraging their child to practice how to put on wellies and shoes, zip up coats and turn sleeves the right way through and to use the toilet and wash their hands independently. We will also be practicing how to write our names using correct letter formation.

This is our first term at 'Big School' and it is important that children feel happy and secure. Please do come and speak to your child's class teacher if you have any questions or queries.



Weekly Routines:
Sound Books: New sounds will be put into your child's sound book wallet each week.  Please add these to the sound book and practice for a few minutes each day.  The children are eager to teach you the story, action and song for each sound. 
Reading Record Books: please try to read with your child every day and write a short comment in their book to let us know how they are getting on
Library Books - we will be visiting the school library after Christmas. 
PE - we do not have formal PE lessons in the autumn term as we spend a lot of time outside being very physical and active.   

Art aprons & raincoats must be in school every day

Parents Meeting - Pronunciation of Sounds
There is a link at the bottom of the page to further information about this and other frequently asked phonics questions.


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Autumn term parents meeting 2018