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Welcome to Willow Class
(Foundation Stage)

Summer Term

Welcome to the summer term in Foundation Stage. This is a very busy term for all of us as we prepare for the transition to Year 1. This term our theme is 'British Woodland Animals’. We began the term by reading ‘Percy the Park Keeper’ by Nick Butterworth. We will then focus on a different British woodland animal each week including foxes, hedgehogs, rabbits, owls, squirrels, badgers, snakes and insects. An overview of the curriculum has been sent to all parents by e-mail. This shows the main adult focus for teaching but the children additionally access a wide variety of activities and resources across our inside and outside environments as part of their child-initiated and child chosen-learning.


The weather is still quite changeable so please make sure that your child has a raincoat in school at all times. On chillier days they will need a coat in school. Please remember that our outdoor areas, particularly the woodland, are shaded for much of the day and are significantly cooler than the playground. Children are often cold in the woodland well into the summer term.
On sunny days children also need a sun hat. Please ensure this covers the ears and the back of the neck. Please apply sun cream to your child before they come to school. Do not send sun cream into school as we are not permitted to apply it to your child. If your child still has snow boots in school you may want to swap these for wellies now. Please ensure that all of your child's clothing is NAMED.

Please do come and speak to your child's class teacher if you have and questions or queries. We are looking forward to an exciting term working with your children.

Weekly Routines:

Sound Books: We have now sent home most of the sounds that we teach in Reception.  We will, however, continue to send new tricky words home. 
Reading Record Books: please try to read with your child every day and write a short comment in their book to let us know how they are getting on
Library Books (Spring and Summer terms): these must be returned every week on Wednesdays. Your child chooses their own library book and therefore may sometimes choose something which they later realise is not as interesting as they thought it would be – this is part of the learning process!
PE is on Wednesday.  Please make sure full PE kit is in school on this day, including plimsolls. Girls must have their hair tied back.

Art aprons & raincoats must be in school every day

Parents Meeting - Pronunciation of Sounds
There is a link at the bottom of the page to further information about this and other frequently asked phonics questions.


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Curriculum overview for summer 2 2017

One World Week - Denmark

This week we have been learning about Denmark as part of One World Week.  Here are just a few of the things that we learned about Denmark:

Flag - the Danish flag is the oldest State flag in existence. It is red with a white cross. 

Lego - means 'play well'.  The company was started by a carpenter and they used to make wooden toys.

Rye bread - all of the children tried rye bread plain, with butter and with jam.  Almost all of the children liked it!

Hans Christian Anderson - born in Denmark.  He wrote many fairytales including 'The Little Mermaid', 'The Emperor's New Clothes' and 'Thumbelina'.  We read lots of his stories this week and made our own Thumbelina's which we took into the woods for adventures.

Royal family - Denmark has a Queen, just like we do.  We read 'The Wild Swans' (swans are the national bird of Denmark) and made crowns. 

Paper cutting - at Easter, Danish children cut quite elaborate patterns in paper which they send to friends and family.

Vikings - some came from Denmark.  We made helmets and shields and the children looked at runestones.  They have all written their names on a Jelling stone which will be displayed in the school entrance hall. 

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of us below. 

Chiltern Open Air Museum

We had a fantastic trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum this week.  We started the day with an Owl Babies workshop in the woods.  The children learned about where owls live and what they eat.  They each made a clay mouse which they will be bringing home this week.  After lunch and a chance to run off some steam in the playground we then explored some of the historical buildings around the museum.  We particularly loved the Victorian classroom, especially playing with the old toys.  We also enjoyed looking at the children's bedroom in the 1940's house which only had wooden toys (no electronic ones!).  Other highlights of the day included looking at the outside toilets, meeting the sheep and goats and, of course, the coach ride which was very exciting.  The children behaved perfectly and the workshop leaders commented (several times) on what lovely children we (and you) have.  We were very proud of them all!