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Cedar Class (Yr 1) - Ms Clarke & Mrs Mustoe

Welcome to Autumn in Cedar Class!!


Welcome to our class page. Please see below for photos of us busy learning and scroll to the bottom of the page for links to websites to support your child's learning at home. 
Information about our Class:
We have two teachers. Mrs Mustoe teaches us on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Miss Clarke teaches us on Thursdays and Fridays. Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Weavers. Mrs Hadley and Mrs Walker also support us during PPA time.
Weekly Routines

Spencer's Diary to be returned by whoever has taken him home for the weekend.    

Library books need to be in school, so the children can change them
Spelling Books to be given in and words to be sent home to learn for following Monday (after October half term)




Reading Records to be given in

Phonics games folders to be given in and new games added.

Bring every day – home reading books, water bottles, phonics games

To be kept at school – art apron, raincoat, wellies.




     Topics for the Autumn Term-


 Our first topic this term is " Me and My World". The children will be thinking about themselves and the world around them in many different ways. In Science we will be thinking about our body parts, why we need them and how they differ from those of animals and birds. We will be linking our work on body parts with Art and creating wonderful self portraits. Our Geography work will be thinking about Tylers Green as a village and we will be going on a local village walk to observe our locality then creating maps of what we have seen.

We will continue thinking about community with our PSHE and RE work where we will focus on "belonging" to different groups and faiths as well as thinking about our class and how we can make it a nice place to learn and grow.

  Our Literacy work this term will mainly focus on "stories with familiar settings" where we will be looking at "Where's my Teddy" and "This is the Bear and the Picnic Lunch". We will also be linking our work on senses in Science with Poetry and writing our own Sense Poems.

Maths this term will be looking at Place Value and Addition and Subtraction in greater depth to really help the children master these topics in accordance with the new Maths Curriculum.

We are ending the first half term with an exciting DT week where amongst other activities we will be thinking about healthy eating and making our own Fruit and Vegetable kebabs.


Our topic after half term is "Explorers and Inventors"! This is a new and hopefully very exciting topic to Year 1 where we will be thinking about significant people throughout history who have helped to change the world. We will start by looking at some early explorers then move onto people who have invented things that make our life easier today.

Our Science Topic will be the start of our look at Seasonal Change throughout the year- the children will be studying the world around them and thinking about the seasons and weather and how they change.

We will continue to look at narrative in our Literacy work and also think about instruction booklets. We will be continuing our work on Addition and subtraction and start to think about shape. In our PSHE and RE we will be looking at what it is like to belong to a faith where we will focus on Judaism, and also celebrate what makes us similar and different to other people but what also makes us unique.


As you can see we have a very busy and exciting term ahead- we cant wait to get started!

 Key Dates for this term-