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Cedar Class (Yr 1) - Mrs Mustoe and Ms Clarke

                                                                                Who's who in Cedar class??


 We are taught by Mrs Mustoe and Miss Clarke. Mrs Mustoe teaches Monday to Wednesday and Miss Clarke is in Thursday and Friday. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Weavers. On a Tuesday and Thursday we also have Mrs Hadley and Mrs Walker who teach us during PPA time. 

                                                                                    Welcome to Spring in Cedar Class!


  Welcome to the spring term in Year 1! We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and we are happy to have you back for another term of fun learning! 


Our topic this term is Toys. We will be looking at toys we play with now and how these compare with those played with in the past. We will be thinking about how and why toys have changed over time and materials different toys are made from. We started our topic today with looking at the children's favourite toys that they brought in and we are really looking forward to our Toy Workshop next Monday. 


Please keep checking our page as we will be updating it and adding pictures of how much fun we are having with our learning! Please also look at the website for key dates happening this term .




                                                           Key weekly dates!


Monday- Spencer's Diary back.


Tuesday- Library day. Please make sure your child returns their library book so they can choose a new one.

                Spelling books in (this starts after half term)


Wednesday/Thursday- PE days. Please ensure your child has their kit in school including plimsolls.

Thursday- reading record books in.


Friday- Spencer's diary goes home. Phonics games books go in and out. 


Please ensure you change your reading book every day and come with your water bottle!

One World Week! 


Wow we're having a wonderful week learning about the Netherlands! So far we have made and painted clogs, made windmills, designed bikes for characters and tasted poffertjes- a traditional fluffy Dutch pancake! These were a great success and the children enjoyed choosing what fruit and toppings they wanted to put on them. We have also looked at the work of Dutch artist Ton Schulten and tried recreating his techniques...

Toy Workshop! 


Wow- what an exciting start to the week! We had our toy workshop today and the children were so excited to see and play with lots of different toys both from now and the past. They really looked carefully and thought about what the toys were made from and how to play with them. We also turned into archaeologists and carefully brushed dirt away to find both toys and different bits of material. The children  sorted what they'd found into different materials. They then sorted them into old and new materials. In the afternoon we had a great time making different toys! 

 ICT- Algorithms! 


Today we started our new ICT topic of algorithms. We learned that an algorithm is an instruction that tells us to do something. We used LEGO to build mazes for a small playperson or animal and worked out the instructions needed to get from one end of the maze to the other. Some mazes included dead ends, Bridges, jumps and lasers!  We then challenged ourselves to try and write these instructions down. After this we used our PE lesson to make obstacle courses and constructed algorithms to guide each other around them. This work will lead onto creating algorithms on the computer. 

Algorithm mazes and obstacle courses.

Algorithm mazes and obstacle courses. 1
Algorithm mazes and obstacle courses. 2
Algorithm mazes and obstacle courses. 3
Algorithm mazes and obstacle courses. 4
Algorithm mazes and obstacle courses. 5
Algorithm mazes and obstacle courses. 6
Algorithm mazes and obstacle courses. 7